Hey, it’s us – Agata and Konrad! We are Poland based photographer – videographer team. Low Light Productions is a marriage project, which we’ve devoted our time, passion, creativity and commitment for over half a decade now. Having been married for more than 10 years now, we actually came together because of our interest in photography. That common interest then grew into something that is now our livelihood.

It all started for us in 2013 – we both realised that our current professional paths did not give us the same sense of satisfaction that was missing from our lives so we started Low Light Productions. Our son was also born that same year and we had just moved into our new home as well! After choosing to swim rather than sink, we put everything we had into building our dream careers from scratch. We are both very lucky, because we can now finally do what we love, while meeting wonderful new people who invite us to accompany them on the most special and intimate day of their lives.

While details and the environment of your wedding are all extremely important, we love to focus on the emotional reactions of all involved on your big day. We’re that much on formalities and like to talk on a first name basis. We both love to make good coffee, so let’s have a cup together as soon as possible!

Our films and photos

Our goal is to make pictures and film that you will be thrilled to have and cannot get anywhere else. We are constantly researching the latest audiovisual, photography, editing and colour grading techniques all the time while cultivating a truly unique style for each film and picture we produce. This is why many of our couples feel that they could only get something this special and specifically personalised from us.

Every couple is different,which is why each of our filmsare unique from the rest.