Your special day needs a special setting and that’s why, right after your engagement,  the venue will be the first thing you’ll decide on. This choice pretty much dictates all the others that come after. The wedding venue holds great power over the whole mood of the reception and how everyone will respond to each other during the festivities. Depending on whether you want to organize a wedding as a garden party, a rustic or even industrial event – there are certainly places that will meet your high expectations. Through experience, we’d like to share with you a few from our own personal list.  Currently listed are venues for the Pomeranian, Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian areas, but we’ll be sure to add more soon in our future blogs. This should help you find that dream venue you’ve been looking for and we hope to meet you there too.

Cegielnia Rzucewo (The Brickyard) in Rzucewo, Poland

“Cegielnia”,  in Rzucewo, was originally a brickyard built in 1772 and is definitely one of the most beautiful in the Pomerania region and even in Poland.  Located by the Baltic sea in Puck Bay, it is surrounded by a beautiful lush forest, with cute little ponds dotting the landscape. It is definitely a perfect wedding reception location that has both a stunning interior and outdoor surroundings. The brickyard building itself offers numerous arrangement options – The raw interior design is perfect for a wedding in a rustic, boho, industrial or even elegant style. Cegielnia also has great catering and you can be sure that it will tempt the palate of both you and your guests. We invite you to watch  Marlena and Adam’s Wedding Trailer that took place there  click here.

The Sheraton Hotel in Sopot, Poland

The Sheraton Hotel in Sopot is great place for you coastal lovers. This hotel has an elegant ballroom with a magnificent view of the entire Sopot pier (the largest  in Europe) and a view of the Baltic Sea which will surely impress your guests. They have a large accommodation base of up to 250 people. The Sheraton Hotel is an ideal place for a modern wedding with an elegant and glamorous motifs. For catholic church weddings there’s the famous Monciak nearby, or the church of St. George which is also a little further down the road. Also close by is one of the most beautiful churches in Poland, the church of St. Bernard with a stunning glass window situated right behind the church altar. If you are planning a civil or humanistic marriage ceremony, you can say your vows on the Sheraton Hotel’s spectacular terrace, which is just what one of our own couples did.  You can see Ola and Ola’s wedding session here (that’s right, they have similar name spellings). The close proximity of the Baltic sea gives your guests, cinematographer and photographer the opportunity to take some amazing outdoor shots after the ceremony. We almost forgot to mention their exclusive spa, steam room and sauna that you and your guests can take advantage of  after that unbelievable night.
ul. Powstańców Warszawy 10
81-718 Sopot

Hotel Rezydent in Sopot, Poland

The next place on our list is the Hotel Rezydent in Sopot. The hotel restaurant there called, ‘Pasjami’ will serve you and your guests exquisite and delicious dishes. The stylish interiors of the hotel perfectly emphasize the decorations in a classic and elegant style. The Rezydent is a place to organize a more intimate ceremony as the ballroom accommodates approximately 80 people. Of course, the hotel provides lavish rooms for your guests to stay, which is a huge plus.
Pl. Konstytucji 3 Maja 3 81-704 Sopot

Dwor Oliwski (The Olive Gate) in Gdansk, Poland

You can see Graz and Tom’s wedding which took place here in Dwor Oliwski, our next great venue on our list. Dwor Oliwski is a superb choice for those couples who value a classic style with elegance. Those types of wedding preferences will work perfectly here. The beautiful interiors of Dwor Oliwski will set a perfect backdrop for your day. The vast and very well-kept garden that surrounds the Manor House will surely make the whole celebration even more charming. Your wedding can even take place in the garden among the greenery like Graz and Tom’s. Restaurant Dwor Oliwski provides some delish dish and the hotel has elegant accommodation for you and your guests.

ul Bytowska 4 80-328 Gdańsk

Palac Pod Debem (Palace under The Oak Tree) near Slupsk, Poland

The Palac pod Debem is located about 25 km from Slupsk, Poland. This is one of those venues where you just have to fall in love with on first sight. It’s a beautiful palace building with the spirit of an older time that really delights all who visit. The interiors are provide a beautiful atmosphere and the hall can host up to 160 people. They also have over 50 beds for accommodation. The palace chef knows what he’s doing and even learned from the famous Kurt Sheller himself so you can be sure that your guests will only be served the finest cuisine.
Adres: Wielka Wieś 36 76-220 Wielka Wieś, Słupsk

Pałac Grabkowo near Slupsk, Poland

Another interesting place with palace character is the Grąbkowo Palace, also near Słupsk. Here, every brick and stone laid has its history dating back to the War. After WW2, the palace suffered heavily, but thanks to the enormous amount of work and heart put in, it was restored to its full glory. It is located in a very secluded area and surrounded by a beautiful park which provides an intimate atmosphere for your celebrations. If you would like to get married in a more natural surrounding, this is definitely  the perfect place for that. The palace itself has over 7 ball rooms that can accommodate up to 300 people and provides room and board for 100 guests in very elegant rooms.
Grąbkowo 41 76-230 Potęgowo

Palac Ciekocinko (Ciekocinko Palace) in Choczewo, Poland

Another good choice for you would be the Palace Ciekocinko. Its captivating, refined and sophisticated interior will surely leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones. There is an exquisite and well-kept garden which surrounds the palace which is at your disposal for some great pictures. With only a short distance from the sea, your wedding ceremony or outdoor session would look magnificent at their nearby beach. We strongly encourage you to take a look at this really unique place.

Address: Ciekocinko 9, 84-200 Choczewo

Restauracja Mulk in Miszewko, Poland

If you would like to enchant your guests with Kashubian hospitality (Kashubians are a small minority group that originates in Poland itself), you must  get acquainted with the banquet hall & Restaurant MULK’s offer . Their restaurant itself has been operating since 2012 and the banquet hall has been doing a really impressive job recently. You can organize a wedding for up to 200 people. There is also room for accommodation above the hall as well. The room has a very tasteful decor allowing many decorative options. All the wood, brick and stone furnishings  harmonize beautifully with each other. Another big advantage to this venue is the short distance from two major cities. Access from the center of Gdansk or Gdynia is only about 15-20 minutes.
Kaszubska Restauracja Regionalna MULK
80-297 Miszewko ul. Kaszubska 63

Zajazd Ren (The Rhine Inn) in Iwiczno, Poland

An extremely versatile and noteworthy place is the Rhine Inn in Iwiczno, Poland. Your reception can take place in either one of two halls that can accommodate up to 100 and 200 people, respectively. These rooms are furnished with a lot of wood and let in tons of light.  The buildings are completely surrounded by nature –  a huge forest and many lakes make the Rhine Inn a perfect place to organize your wedding. The rooms offer endless arrangement possibilities, you can organize your wedding in a Rustic, Boho, Industrial or even elegant style. If your dream is to have an outdoor wedding the Zajazd Ren already has a special package for that occasion and provides rental services for things such as chairs and mobile equipment.
ul. Wczasowa 32 Iwiczno, 83-260 Kaliska
see also:
ul. Skarszewska 5, Starogard Gdański

Rettungs Budy Cocktail Bar & Bistro in Jastarnia, Poland

This is one of the coolest and most original venues you can find in Jastarnia, which located on the seaside. You can organize a wedding here in a climate of a eco, boho, rustic or marine motif. The red brick building itself and the alluring terrace make you want to stay as long as you can. You can organize parties for up to 90 people here. With your wedding on the beach and fun until dawn at Rettungs Budy, it will definitely be a perfect day.

ul. Bałtycka 27, Jastarnia

Stary Manez (The Old Riding Hall) at Garnizon Kultury in Gdansk, Poland

All the locals in Gdansk know about Stary Manez, since it is one of the most popular places in terms of food and culture in the Tri-City Poland area. From concerts, cultural events, food expos, and fairs – they have it all. But, it seems to us that there are actually only a few people  who know that you can also organize a fabulous wedding there. Originally a Riding Hall that was established in 1902, it has been restored into one of the most designer buildings and spaces that offer these types of services. The interiors of Stary Manez can be arranged in a variety of ways and thanks to that you can organize anywhere from a large party of up to 300 people to even a more intimate party for around 30-80 guests. It is really a perfect place for a great wedding reception. Another huge advantage is the fact that Stary Manez lies right in the heart of the city which automatically eliminates any problems with transportation or accommodation for guests with dozens of hotels and rooms available in the area. The Smart Hotel is just next door and offers modern accommodation at affordable prices. We also have to mention the building has it’s own Brewery and we recommend you to try their Vrest beer.,Wesela,pid,22.html
ul. J. Słowackiego 23 Garnizon Kultury 80-257 Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Elektryczny Zuraw (The Electric Crane)

 Electric Crane or Industrial Wedding or wedding in industrial style
If you’re looking to have an Industrial Wedding  you have to visit the Elektryczny Zuraw. It is located on the 4th floor of a post-shipyard factory in the Gdansk shipyard. From its large windows there’s an amazing view of the shipyard with its towering cranes. Their raw interiors, with the right decor, will create a unique and alluring motif that will amaze your guests. For civil and humanistic weddings ceremonies this is an ideal place to tie the knot.
80-863 Gdańsk, Elektryków 1

Zielona Brama (The Green Gate) in Przywidz, Poland

Please watch one of our favourite couples’ wedding trailer, who had their reception right here at Zielona Brama, which is another great venue and not too far from the Tri-City Poland Area. Zielona Brama has two beautiful venues for you to choose from. The  Granary Hall can accommodate up to 200 people and provides 22 rooms for your guests in the Stajnia guesthouse. The Sopocka Hall seats around 170 people and provides 13 rooms for your guests. The decor of both rooms is extremely versatile and you can organize weddings with various styles and easily choose the colours for your wedding. Wood and brick furnishings prevail here, and the Sopocka room lets in a glorious amount of lot of light thanks to its massive windows. The kitchen at Zielona Brama is always preparing something delicious, so you can be sure that your guests will not go unsatisfied. We have visited this place many times and recommend it ten times over.

Zielona Brama

ul. Gdanska 26 83-047 Przywidz

Cedrowy Dworek (The Cedar Courtyard) in Cedry Wielkie, Poland

We invite you to watch Jagoda and John’s wedding trailer from Cedrowy Dworek. Cedrowy Dworek is one of the most popular venues for organizing weddings close to Gdansk. Of course, this is not without good reason. Beautiful interiors and delicious food and desserts their chef prepares are so good they’ll leave you and your guests fully-stuffed, satisfied and wanting more. Everything there is homemade and hand-crafted, and the service you get is at the highest level which is why so many young couples choose Cedrowy Dworek to celebrate their big day. A large green area around the manor gives you the opportunity to host a garden party or outdoor wedding. Cedrowy Dworek also offers large accommodation for the bride & groom and guests in their cozy hotel. If you want to get married in a catholic church, it’s only  a few steps away from Cedrowy Dworek, where weddings are led by one the best priests in all of Poland.
Osadników Wojskowych 39a, 83-020 Cedry Wielkie

Palac Romantyczny (The Romantic Palace) in Turzno, Poland

Palac Romantyczny is located in Turzno, a small town very close to Torun. It is a beautiful Palace with a hotel, restaurant, and spa that is surrounded by a gigantic and picturesque park. This place is perfect for organizing a romantic wedding in an elegant or glamorous fashion. The ceremony can be held outdoors, but it does not have to be a civil or humanistic wedding because a small and charming chapel is located right on the complex allowing for catholic ceremonies to take place on site!

Palac Romantyczny ul. Torunska 1, 87-148 Turzno, Poland

Miedzy Deskami (Between the Boards) in Tomaszkowo, Poland

Miedzy Deskami is really a very special place located in Tomaszkowo and is not too far from Olsztyn and Lake Wulpinskie. The design of the area is unique using lots of wood, a minimalist style, and huge windows.  It also showcases an amazing  view of the lake stretching around it, which makes a huge impression on all those who have set their eyes on it.   It has great potential for a one-of-a-kind wedding in the style of boho, rustic, etc.. This picturesque location gives many opportunities to host attractions or chillout zones in the beautiful open air. An outdoor film and photo shoot on the day of the wedding here would definitely be worth it.

ul. Wodnika 3, 11-034 Tomaszkowo