Wedding Film from 2000$ + tax

The film package contains a full-length Wedding film (approximately 20 minutes in length). It is a compilation of the most important and beautiful moments from the wedding day, combined into a coherent and chronological whole through the help of creative and dynamic editing and selection of music. The package also includes a short trailer (approximately between 1.5-2.5 minutes), which is a combination of the wedding and outdoor shots. It is a great way to share magic memories of your special day with family and friends.

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Wedding Photography from 2000$ + tax

Our photography package contains a bare minimum 400 photos from the wedding day, edited by us.

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Wedding Film and Photography

Pricing starts at 4000$ + tax

Simply put, this is a combination of the two above packages and we encourage you to take advantage of this solution for several reasons. First of all, you’ll make one single contract with us for both the film and photos, limit the amount of formalities needed for your wedding. Secondly, we always try to make the film and photos that we prepare for you into a coherent whole and not as two completely different works with no relation to each other. We do our best to make our film and photos work together with both style and character. We also often use photos when editing the film footage in order to animate them. Finally, we all work as one team on a daily basis, thanks to which we have a well-designed plan on working together quietly and efficiently on your big day.

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